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Piusi Viscomat 90 Vane Oil Transfer Pump

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Piusi Viscomat 90 Vane Oil Transfer Pump
The Piusi Viscomat 90 Vane oil transfer pump is an ideal solution for the transfer of large amounts of oil at medium pressure from one tank to another. This Piusi pump also maintains good flow rates when used in high pressure systems, where the oil pump supplies hose reels for fixed oil dispensing. These oil transfer pumps are reliable and high quality pumps, which have a high suction, smooth flow and operate at less than 70dB.

Self-Priming Viscomat Oil Transfer Pump
Incorporated Bypass Valve
Flow rate: 50ltr per min
Viscosity up to 500 cSt
Maximum fluid temperature of 70c
Continuous Running
1 threaded connections
Viton lip seal
Protection Grade: IP55