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Piusi Suzzara Blue Portable AdBlue Pump

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Piusi Suzzara Blue Portable AdBlue Pump
The Suzzara Blue Portable AdBlue™ Pumps are reliable and easy to use dispensing solutions for the mobile refuelling of AdBlue (otherwise known as DEF). This Piusi pump kit is comprised of a DC self-priming membrane AdBlue™ pump, manual nozzle, hose, foot valve and the cable and clamps for battery connection. This ready to use pumping unit can simply be transferred from one drum or IBC to another, making it a very handy kit that is suitable for a number of different applications.

Portable Piusi pump kit
Incorporated bypass valve
On/off switch
Max Flow Rate: 35ltr Per Min
20 min duty cycle
Manual nozzle
Delivery and suction hose
2m cable and clips
Protection Grade: IP55