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Piusi Manual Stainless Rotary AdBlue Pump

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Piusi Manual Stainless Rotary AdBlue Pump
This new Piusi pump is a manually operated AdBlue pump specially designed for the transfer of AdBlue (also referred to as DEF), when mains power is not available. This AdBlue Hand Pump has a new higher specification; being more durable, has silky smooth operation, is made with stainless steel rather than plastic and is Italian manufactured Ė guarantying excellent quality and service life.

Requiring no power in order to operate, this manual AdBlue Pump is ideal for agricultural use or in locations where using a mains powered pump isnít possible. The Piusi pump has a high suction capacity and is self-priming, sustains flow rates of 38 litres per 100 revolutions and all materials used are wear resistant with 100% chemical compatibility.

This AdBlue rotary hand pump comes with a 2.5m delivery hose which has a 19mm stainless steel spout, including the additional benefit of having a spout stopper which reduces crystallisation in the delivery hose.

Piusi Manual AdBlue Pump
Flow rate: 38L per 100 revolutions
Stainless steel construction
56x4 drum connector
2.5m delivery hose
19mm spout c/w anti-crystallisation stopper
3 part suction tube and bung adapter