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Piusi Elite Three25 AdBlue Pump

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Piusi Elite Three25 AdBlue Pump

The Piusi Elite Three25 AdBlue Pump is a new high specification AdBlue dispensing system designed for dispensing urea - also referred to as DEF in the US - from an IBC. This kit comes complete with self priming diaphragm pump, automatic nozzle with integrated flow meter, filter, suction and delivery hose and SEC connector. This high spec electric IBC AdBlue pump comes equipped with a robust technopolymer roll bar which offers protection from accidental impact. This corrosion resistant stainless steel frame ensures that even under harsh operating conditions, it has optimal durability.

The AdBlue 3D filter supplied with this system uses a 200 micron mechanical filtration system, which prevent possible contamination which mainly occurs whilst filling and transferring the fluid. This Piusi Adblue pump has a large practical nozzle holder which gives optimal protection whilst allowing the hose to be rolled securely into place. The Piusi pump is also supplied with a K24 electronic flow meter built into the nozzle. This allows for accurate monitoring of the quantity of AdBlue dispensed, and thanks to its breakaway spout system is easily maintained.

Self priming diaphragm AdBlue pump with bypass valve

20 ft EPDM delivery hose and 3 ft suction hose with stainless steel couplings

Automatic AdBlue nozzle with integrated K24 flow meter and breakaway spout system

200 micron 3D AdBlue filter

Roll bar protection with stainless steel sturdy plate

Supplied with a washable drip cup which is detachable for ease of cleaning