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Jessberger JP-09

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Jessberger JP-09

Suitable for almost all highly liquid and slightly aggressive media such as acids, alkalis and chemicals. Better resistance than JP-02 due PP-sheathed shaft.

Pump material: Polypropylene
Flow rate:
 0,5 l/stroke*
Telescopic suction tube: 3 parts, polyethylene
Suction depth:
 for containers to 960 mm
PE hose: 2 m
Weight: 1.2 kg

Thread G 2″ for screwing in standard barrels.

Adapters available for plastics drums and cans of 60-220 l.
Outlet piece DN 19, 3/4″.

The pump is not to be used for pumping media of hazard classes AI / AII, other flammable media or in an explosive environment.

Order No.: 6009 0000