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FMT Swiss AG - ROTAxx

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FMT Swiss AG - ROTAxx
Pump data 
Pump design: vane pump, selfpriming
Pumping media: fuel oil and diesel
Max delivery rate: : 60
Max discharge pressure: 1.8 Bar
Max Suction height: 5 meter

Motor data 
Insulation class: F
Highest permissible limit temperature: 155C
Voltage: 230v
Frequency: 50Hz
Power consumption: 3A
Power: 0.6 Kw
Thermal protection" self resetting
Duty cycle: Continuous operation
Rotation speed: 2800 rpm
Protection class: IP 54

Materials of parts in contact with liquid 
Seals: FKM (Viton®)
Pump housing: AlSi 12 (sea water resistant)
Rotor: GG 25
Vane: POM

Technical data 
Connecting cable: 2 meter
Connection suction side: G 1'' female
Connection discharge side: G 1'' female
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)280 x 115 x 170
Weight (kg)6,6