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FMT Swiss AG - PREMAxx

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Voltage :
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FMT Swiss AG - PREMAxx
Pump data 
Pump design: axial gear
Mac delivery rate: 52 l/min
Max suction height: 2.5 meter
Max discharge height: 15 meter
Pumping media: fuel oil and diesel
Connection container: G 2'' male, drum adapter
Connection suction side: G 1'' male
Connection discharge side: G 1'' male

Motor data 
Voltage: 230v
Frequency: 50Hz
Power consumption: 1.8A
Power: 0.32Kw
Thermal protection: self resetting
Duty cycle: 30 min
Protection class: IP 34

Technical data 
Connecting cable: 2 meter (GB plug)
Material of pump: PA6 / GF30
Dimensions of pump LxWxH 90 x 120 x 300 (mm)
Weight: 2.5 Kg